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Navigating Airline Policies: Can I Bring a Guitar on a Plane?

Can bring a guitar on a plane
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Air travel has become a necessity these days for millions of travelers worldwide. Every day, millions of passengers head out to reach different destinations for different purposes, including leisure travel, business travel, and task-oriented travel.

Because of the regularity of air travel, passengers must be aware of the nuances of airline and airport policies. You bring several things with you while traveling. Some people travel with their musical instruments too. Such people always have a question in their mind before onboarding a domestic or international flight: “Can I bring a guitar on a plane?

We are going to discuss some relevant information regarding carrying a guitar on a plane, whether it is a domestic or international flight.

Bringing a Guitar on the Airplane:

Now coming to the question in hand, “Can I bring a guitar on a plane?”

Yes! Legally, you are allowed to bring a guitar on a plane. As per the law, US carriers are instructed to allow a passenger to carry a guitar in checked luggage or carry-on luggage. 

According to the FAA Modernization and Reform Act – 2012, if you are fulfilling certain conditions and criteria, no one can stop you from bringing your guitar on a plane. 

There is one exception to this rule when the airplane is small and cannot adjust your guitar in the cabin, in this case, you will be advised to gate-check your guitar instead of bringing it with you in the cabin of an airplane.

Most airlines try to adjust your musical instruments in the cabin, in this case, the guitar. Sometimes, airline personnel doesn’t find enough space for the guitar on a plane. So, do not worry as there are ways you can bring your guitar with you on your itinerary. 

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How Can You Bring a Guitar on a Plane?

Carrying a guitar on a plane can be a challenging task for a passenger. You can utilize the following options in order to bring your guitar on a flight.

Guitar as a Carry-on

As per Section 403 of the FAA Modernization and Reform Act 2012, a passenger can carry a musical instrument if it fits in the normal space as a general carry-on baggage. You have to make sure your guitar is not exceeding the space limit and dimensions of the overhead bin.

Getting Space in the Coat Closet

In large airplanes, there is plenty of space in the coat closet. If your guitar is not fitting in the overhead bin, then you can ask a flight attendant to fix it in the coat closet. 

Always remember that fitting your guitar in the coat closet is not a necessary action taken by the flight attendant, technically or legally. If there is no space, then they can deny this option and you must understand it.

Buying an Extra Ticket for Guitar

If nothing works, then use your last option to buy a flight ticket for your guitar. An extra flight ticket can affect your pocket. It is the only viable option to carry your big guitar with you on the plane. Always buy two adjacent tickets to put your guitar right next to you. 

Bringing Guitar in the Checked Luggage:

Choosing the Perfect Case for a Guitar

Always choose an adequate case while carrying your guitar on a flight. You certainly know how baggage is handled by the airlines. Your guitar can break during transit. To avoid this situation, you must spend extra money to get a quality hard case for your instrument.

Pack with Extra Padding

Now comes the part where you can ensure the safety of your guitar. You must provide some extra padding for your guitar in the case. With extra padding, the guitar can tolerate flight transit without any damage and it eliminates the movement of the guitar too.

Untune Your Guitar

When you fly, you are aware of the climatic conditions at your destination. The climatic and environmental conditions can wreck your guitar by affecting the strings and fretboard. You must untune your guitar before boarding a flight to avoid this situation.

Mention Your Name

You must not forget to mention your name on the case of the guitar. In case, your guitar misplaces, your information available on the guitar will help recover it.

Last but not the Least – Adding Extra Valuation for Guitar

Let us just assume that the airline misplaces or damages your guitar. What can you do in that situation? Buying travel insurance for the guitar can not be sufficient in cases where your guitar is worth more than $3300.

In that case, you can consider buying excess valuation from the airline. You can add the excess valuation to claim the compensation for your guitar if it is worth more than $3300. International insurance is not that costly, you can add coverage up to $1000 by adding $10-$20 for additional valuation.

This is all about your question, “Can I bring a guitar on a plane?” Booking flights can be stressful in some cases for passengers, especially while carrying something additional with you. To avoid all the hassles, you must try the Indian Eagle flight booking process. We provide the best travel bookings as per your budget and comfort.

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