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Top Destinations for Unforgettable Beach Holidays in India


India is home to a variety of beach destinations, some happening night parties kind and some rendering the desired solitude from the chaotic city life. Be it the exotic beaches of Goa or serene escapes in Kerala, a beach vacation always pumps positive energy within us. If you are looking forward to spend your holidays by a beach, having fun and adventure with your folks, we have got you the top five beaches for perfect beach holidays in India to choose from – some offbeat and some popular.

Ganapatipule in Maharashtra

Located at a distance of 35kms from the historical Jaigad Fort in Maharashtra, Ganpatipule is a small coastal town boasting a spectacular beach with red sandy shores. You can visit this beach on your way to Ratnagiri. The one mile long beach is considered ideal for swimming. The tiny town is not just famous for the beach but also the incredible Swaymbhu Ganesh Temple. The idol of Lord Ganesha is worshipped with a belief that it emerged from the ground. Every year, thousands of beach lovers and pilgrims visit Ganpatipule to soak in the natural beauty, the panoramic views of the villages and sea.

Havelock in Andaman

The turquoise waters, white sand and attractive coral reefs in Havelock, Andaman makes it a hot-spot for tourists seeking solitude and adventure. The Elephant and Radhanagar beaches are among the must-visit beaches in Andaman, ideal for swimming and indulging in water adventures like snorkeling and scuba diving. If you want to spend a rejuvenating holiday with your loved ones, Andaman is the place in India. You can do as you want – stay in the comfort of your luxurious resorts or get into the blue waters for some exciting adventures. You can also spend quality time at the beach huts, a must stay if you are planning a backpacking holiday.

Varkala in Kerala

Kerala is best known for its serene beaches, variety of spices and Ayurvedic treatment. Situated towards the south of Kollam, Varkala is a one hour drive from Thiruvananthapuram in Kerala. Travelers seeking peace and solitude must head towards the stunning Varkala Beach. The picturesque view, calming winds and gushing waves of the beach will make you feel at ease and comfort right on your arrival. Sadly, Varkala is often sidelined by visitors exploring the much popular Kovalam beach. Undoubtedly, Kovalam is an amazing beach in the southern state of India but Varkala deserves equal importance we believe. But, may be it is this non-commercialization of the beach that keeps it peaceful and soaked in natural beauty. The beach offers breathtaking views of the Arabian Sea and the beautiful flora and fauna around is just marvelous. In recent future, international resorts will be established in Varkala, making it one of the most popular beach destinations in India.


Kovalam is commercialized to promote tourism in the state but in no way does it lessens the quality of vacation you would expect to have here. Of the many beaches in the state of Kerala, Kovalam is recognized as the heaven of South Kerala. It is situated only 16kms from Thiruvananthapuram and is home to several clean and picturesque beaches. The most favorite of all is the Lighthouse Beach, located on top of a cliff. You can go up to the lighthouse by the beach to have mesmerizing views of the ocean. When in Kovalam, do no miss the breathtaking views of sunrise and sunset. A lazy stroll by the shore with tall coconut trees swaying alongside is a feeling you will hold safe in your heart for long.

Baga Beach in Goa

How can we miss out Goa when talking about the best beaches in India? The first name to pop in our heads for a beach vacation is Goa and then Baga Beach! For all the party and beach lovers out there, the banging music, vibrant dance floor, exotic seafood and drinks at the beach shacks in Baga will set the night right for you. If you want some moments of tranquility and solace, there are a few unspoiled natural escape points nearby. If you are traveling to Goa during the festive season, be a little cautious while enjoying your heart out.

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