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Airport Snow Challenges: It Takes a Herculean Task to Clear Snow from Airstrips & Runways

Airport snow challenges
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To escape the fury of mother nature requires special effort. It is an arduous task for airport authorities dealing with heavy snowfall in the Northern Hemisphere. The unfortunate consequence of excess snow is flight cancellation and an overall loss of revenue for the aviation industry. The airline industry has come out of the pandemic and is trying to find its feet. However, the excess snow which leads to the closing of airports can be an impediment for the over-all growth of the airline industry. Modern science & technology is proving to be a magic wand to overcome airport snow challenges.

What happens when there is heavy snowfall?

The stakes are high because the airport will take more time in handling arriving and departing aircraft. The efficiency can be reduced to 50% when it snows. In certain runways, where the plane’s take-off time is 45 seconds, it would increase to 90 seconds.

Even the vehicles carrying luggage must be cautious because of the slippery conditions. Snow cover on the aircraft should be removed at regular intervals before take-off. The runways have to be shut down regularly so that a fleet of trucks with brushes & plows can clear the ice-covered pavements.

During snowstorms the airport’s efficiency to handle flights considerably reduces, and in severe conditions flights cancellation is the only option. What about the unpredictable weather conditions? A relevant question that may pop in your mind when you are scheduled to travel through flights to USA or anywhere else. But you have nothing to worry as reliable ticket booking companies like Indian Eagle offer 24/7 customer support. So if such a situation arises, experts will assist you to make sure you have a seamless flight experience. 

how airports handle snow challanges
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Do the airports plan for any eventualities?

When the climate is consistent, it is easier for airports to manage the snow. For instance, if an airport gets 3 inches of snow every year why would they bother purchasing equipment for heavy snowfall. In case of heavy snowfall, the airport authorities and staff would be sitting ducks, because they don’t have any equipment to deal with the situation. 

How do airports handle snow challenges?

It is by planning in advance and re-examining their past performance. If the snowfall reduces and the chances are bleak. Airports begin to assess their performance by analyzing any shortcomings or areas of improvement. The analysis would help in planning for the next winter season.

The planning & management should be impeccable. To acquire all the necessary equipment and chemicals they must deal with contractors & suppliers before the next snowfall. The stakes are high, and it is impossible to afford any discrepancies in management.   

State-of-the-Art Weather Technology Helps Airports Take Preemptive Measures 

With an efficient team and modern equipment, most of the airports susceptible to excess snow are geared-up to deal with the situation. Airports plan winter and take preemptive measures. The new technology of excess snow removal is certainly a boon, but without an efficient ground crew, it is impossible to achieve the objective. Moreover, advanced weather forecasting like GPS tracking and live radar feeds provide vital weather information to the airport manager. The weather information helps to administer the staff and get them ready in case of a winter storm. 

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