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Aeroflot Airlines (SU): A brief History, Destinations, Passenger Services and more!


Aeroflot Airlines (SU)

“Sincerely Yours. Aeroflot.”

At the Skytrax World Airline Awards 2017, Russian airlines Aeroflot was awarded the Best Airline in Eastern Europe, a top honor that made it evident why it is one of the top global airlines. Flag carrier of the Russian Federation, the airline is commonly referred to as Aeroflot and is also the Federation’s largest airline. Aeroflot Airlines (SU) is among the oldest airlines in the world with a history that goes back to 1923 and serves scores of domestic and international destinations using majorly its hub at Sheremetyevo International Airport.

A brief history of Aeroflot Airlines

Not many are aware of the fact that in addition to being national airline of the Soviet, Aeroflot Airlines (SU) was the world’s largest airline during the Soviet era. When the USSR was dissolved, the airline was transformed in to a semi-privatized company. Prior to that, it functioned as a state-run enterprise. With more than just a considerable amount of progress over the years, Aeroflot has managed to make a name for itself and is counted among the most elite international airlines in the world. In the year 2006, Aeroflot Airlines (SU) joined the international alliance of SkyTeam.

Destinations Aeroflot Airlines serves

Aeroflot Airlines (SU) serves more than 120 destinations across the world. Its flights to India are among the most sought after ones. There are scores of other destinations it serves which include flights to USA, Turkey, Japan, Greece, Spain, France, Thailand, Egypt, Mexico, Bangladesh, China, Pakistan and Germany to name just a few. The airline has codeshare agreements with several international airlines some of which include Air France, Air Malta, Finnair, Korean Air, China Eastern Airlines, and Delta Air Lines among others.

Aeroflot Airlines Fleet

The fleet of Aeroflot Airlines (SU) over the course of history mainly comprised if Soviet built aircraft. The airline began to build a different fleet of aircraft post the Soviet Union dissolution. It got modern western and Russian made aircraft models that replaced the Soviet ones. Today, it uses a series of various Airbus and Boeing models as well as Sukhoi Superjet 100-95 aircraft.

Services offered by Aeroflot Airlines

  • SkyPriority

SkyPriority are services that are offered to passengers of Aeroflot business class flights and those who are elite plus level members of the airline’s Bonus and Loyalty Programs. Some of the privileges include fast check-ins, priority baggage check-in, and access to VIP lounges spread across more than 1,000 airports. This is in addition to the airline’s Frequent Flyer Program.

  • Economy Class Cabin

Economy class cabins on Aeroflot Airlines (SU) flights come equipped with plenty of legroom. Depending on flight duration, services offered include the provision of blankets, pillows, and travel kits among other things. There is an entertainment system on board that lets you watch movies and other programs. You will also have internet access and inflight magazines to while away time.

  • Service Class Upgrade

Aeroflot Airlines (SU) offers passengers this paid service where they are able to upgrade their service class tickets to business class ones. However, this is offered in some cases only and is not a valid offer on all flights. So make sure to check their website if the offer is valid when you book flights with them.

  • Inflight Food Service

Aeroflot Airlines (SU) offers the best quality food on board keeping in mind factors such as medical requirements, age, and religious inclinations of its passengers. It also offers special meals which require no additional fee. Based on the time of your flight, you will be served breakfast, lunch, dinner or snacks on board.

  • Inflight Communication Services

The airline offers Wi-Fi services on board permitting you to connect to loved ones and friends during the flight journey. You can access the internet once the flight has reached cruising altitudes. Payment for the service should be made toward the end of the flight via non-cash payment method only. You will find a detailed price list on the airline’s website.

  • Escorts for disabled passengers

Aeroflot Airlines (SU) requires that escorts be mandatorily present to watch over disabled passengers who cannot look after themselves. It also requires that adult supervision be there for passengers who have been declared incompetent legally or are mentally incapacitated. This, the airline states, is to ensure the safety of such passengers as well as the others on board.

  • Inflight Shopping Experience

In the passenger seat you will find a catalogue listing products from some of the world’s leading manufacturers. You can shop for perfumes, travel accessories, jewelry, cosmetics, electronic devices, watches, toys, souvenirs and several other things.

  • Baggage Allowance

Aeroflot Airlines (SU) requires that all baggage be presented during check-in citing security reasons. You are permitted to carry one free baggage piece weighing up to 10 kg in Economy and Comfort class. You are allowed one such piece in business class as well but the weight limit is increased to 15 kg. Check the airline’s website for details on terms and conditions of ‘Nonstandard’ and ‘Excess’ baggage.

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