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A restaurant in Madurai attempts new ways to raise COVID awareness, serves pandemic-themed dishes


“Prevention is better than cure,” says an old proverb. The current COVID situation stresses the grave need for containing the spread of coronavirus, even more so considering the fact that there is no licensed vaccine for the cure of COVID-19 yet. Among many other preventative measures recommended by WHO, the use of masks in public is one effective practice to safeguard ourselves from contracting coronavirus. To drive home this point, a popular eatery in Madurai has updated its menu with corona-themed dishes such as Mask parotta, Corona rava dosa, and Corona bajji.

According to KL Kumar, the owner of one of the biggest restaurant chains called ‘Temple City,’ the alarming surge in COVID positive cases in the recent past in Madurai and the negligence of certain people to follow the safety protocols propelled him to come up with this idea. He says his intention is to highlight the seriousness of this wide-spreading disease and the necessity of wearing masks for one’s own safety.

Madurai is famous for a variety of parottas and ‘Temple City’ is the favorite point of locals to relish these parottas. This connection gave Mr. Kumar the means to spread the much-needed awareness and he shared his idea with chef S. Sathish, the parotta master. Sathish says they followed the traditional style of preparing veechu parotta and easily replicated the design of a three-ply surgical mask to create Mask parotta. It became an instant hit, and soon the pictures of Mask parotta, corona dosa, and cornoa vada took the social media platforms by storm.

This kind of menu modification is not entirely new to the patrons of this vegetarian hotel. Started in 2003, Temple City is also known for introducing ‘Baba paneer butter masala’ celebrating the release of Rajinikanth-starrer movie ‘Baba’ and ‘Tendulkar dosa’ marking Sachin Tendulkar’s 100th century.


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