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5 Summer Travel Trends That Are Defining the 2021 Summer Travel Season


It seems like the long-repressed urge to travel is serving as a strong motivator for getting vaccinated against COVID-19, even more so as travel restrictions and entry guidelines are being loosened up for vaccinated travelers. Can you believe more than 50% of vaccinated US adults agreed to a TIME/Harris Poll that they took the shot because they wanted to travel, explore the great outdoors and reconnect with nature.

As per the findings of several industry surveys, nearly 40-50% of respondents cannot wait for their post-lockdown getaway this summer (and the percentage of people who are willing to book international flights for a holiday overseas has also increased slightly). For instance, The Vacationer’s Summer Travel Survey revealed that 68% of American adults plan to travel this summer. As Americans return to travel this summer, we touched on 5 summer travel trends ruling the 2021 summer travel season.

Destinations off the beaten path:

The moment CDC relaxed domestic travel guidelines, Americans embraced the opportunity to explore their own backyards. Most of them are planning their summer holiday to remote, rural locations, wilderness areas, and hidden destinations within the US. Besides promising a safe and socially distanced vacation, these unspoiled destinations offer rich experiences by bringing you closer to the raw beauty of nature and letting you discover new cultures.

Long summer vacations:

Travelers are increasingly favoring a long summer vacation this year. No matter whether they choose a place that is closer or a little farther from home, a city or countryside, they choose to spend more time at their destination, from a minimum of a week to a maximum of a month. After all these days of missing traveling and holidaying, this might be just another way of making up for the missed vacation days. Airbnb’s summer travel trends data reveals their top 3 destinations for long-term stays to be New York, Seattle, Los Angeles.

Road trips:

The biggest 2020 travel trend continues to rule 2021 and hence, an American road trip obviously claims its spot in the top summer travel trends. Taking to the open roads and exploring new landscapes in personal/ rented vehicles turned out to be a safer, easier, and more convenient way of traveling during the pandemic. Socially distant by nature, road trips are particularly popular among families with unvaccinated kids.

A family holiday away from the city homes:

Home is ultimately our safe cocoon, but the months-long confinement within the four walls of the house understandably got on the nerves of people of all ages. The need for a mere change of environment can be thought of as the reason for this summer travel trend. A break from home is all that is needed this summer.

Luxury stays and Workstations:

According to American Express Travel Trends Report, travelers do not intend to skimp on vacations in 2021. This summer, there’s an increased demand for an extended stay at five-star hotels, private villas, lavish beach resorts, and over-the-top vacation homes that offer extraordinary services and every other facility.

Overlapping this summer travel trend is another popular trend referred to as workation or flexcation that blurs the line between traveling and working. As the pandemic wanes amid mass vaccination, going back to the office could be on the horizon. So, employees want to enjoy a final working vacation this summer before returning to office-based work.

A look at Tripadvisor’s Top 10 Trending US Summer Destinations

Cancun, Mexico
Orlando, Florida
Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
Key West, Florida
Miami Beach, Florida
Las Vegas, Nevada
Playa del Carmen, Mexico
Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
Tulum, Mexico
Punta Cana, Dominican Republic


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