17-year-old Deep Patel from Georgia Shares Timeless Secrets to Success in His Debut Book

Young Indians at home and abroad are riding the waves of success and fame in different walks of life from politics to philanthropy, from technology to literature. 17-year-old Deep Patel from Georgia has been the latest face in the limelight of media across the United States since he became a published writer in June 2016. He debuted as an author with the release of his book, “A Paperboy’s Fable: 11 Principles of Success,” on June 7.

Indian American Deep Patel’s first book, “A Paperboy’s Fable: 11 Principles of Success,” is a capsule of age-old secrets to success for aspiring entrepreneurs whether they run a food truck or found a technology startup. What makes the book a must read is a string of timeless insights from some of the most influential and renowned people including professors, entrepreneurs, filmmakers, CEOs and likes.

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This Indian-origin boy, who is a young entrepreneur himself, braved the odds of his young age to connect with 15 industry biggies and interviewed them to enrich the book with their entrepreneurial insights. Former CIA director General David Petraeus, the Huffington Post cofounder and editor-in-chief Arianna Huffington, TV show personality Mark Cuban, Vine cofounder Yusupov, actors Charlie Sheen and Ashton Kutcher, eminent Harvard University professors and Hollywood filmmakers graced Deep Patel’s book on success with their insightful interviews.

Among the Indians in Georgia, Deep Patel knows no full stop. His networking with such industry veterans as those mentioned above was not restricted to interviewing them for the book, “A Paperboy’s Fable: 11 Principles of Success.” He worked with Arianna Huffington in the latter’s project titled ‘The Sleep Revolution,’ which aims to promote better sleep habits. He worked with American businessman and investor Mark Cuban on stories of his “Shark Tank” investments.

Deep Patel also donned the hat of a script editor and played a creative consultant for the comedy show titled She Wants Me produced by Charlie Sheen. He is currently busy penning his second book, “The Gray Veil.” So strong is his networking zeal is that Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine, Elite Daily and The Huffington Post have featured him.

Recently, he shared some of his tips on networking with Forbes. He put emphasis on confidence to reach out to industry leaders, network with them and stay in touch with them. Networking is sort of relationship that goes by the give-and-take rules. That’s why he puts stress on the need of adding value to whom or what you network with. For the same reason, he is a contributing writer at Entrepreneur Magazine and the Huffington Post.

“Even if you are not skilled in the art of networking, it does not mean the end of the world. Have patience. Don’t worry! Sometimes it takes time,” said Deep Patel.

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