Home News The US to Reopen to Fully Vaccinated Foreign Travelers from November

The US to Reopen to Fully Vaccinated Foreign Travelers from November

US to Reopen to Fully Vaccinated Foreign Travelers from November

International Flights Latest News: International travel to USA remained a distant dream for long, but now it is on the cards. The US plans to reopen to fully vaccinated foreign travelers from November, the Biden administration announced Monday. Putting an end to the long-standing travel restrictions on international air travelers from 33 countries including Europe, UK, India, Brazil, Ireland, South Africa, Iran and China, the White House coronavirus response coordinator, Jeff Zients, stated that the US is formulating a new international travel system aimed at ensuring the safety of both Americans at home and international travelers.

Travel restrictions on the above countries have been in place since the early days of the pandemic outbreak. And once this new system comes into effect, vaccinated travelers will be required to present proof of full vaccination before boarding the flight to USA along with a negative report of the COVID-19 test taken within three days of departure. On-arrival quarantine doesn’t apply to these fully vaccinated travelers.

As for which vaccines would be accepted for US travel (whether only FDA-authorized or WHO-authorized or both), the White House has left the decision to the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). However, kids who are not eligible for vaccination come under the exception category.

The CDC will also issue an order directing all the airlines to collect the current information of US-bound passengers, including their phone number and email address for contact tracing purposes.

“It (the new international air travel system) will require for nationals to be vaccinated, to prove they’re vaccinated, and then to go to the testing and contract tracing regimens,” Jeff Zients is quoted saying.

While fully vaccinated foreign nationals will be allowed to travel to the US from early November, unvaccinated American nationals traveling home from abroad will be subject to stricter entry rules that require them to present a negative COVID-19 report of the test taken within a day before traveling and again get tested after arrival in the US.


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