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Travel Trends in a Post-COVID World: Here’s how travel and tourism might possibly change


After hibernating indoors for 2-3 months in the wake of the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are now cautiously planning our steps to restore normal life. Despite the unclear future of certain major industries at this point in time when the vaccine or cure to the virus is not discovered, the speculations by experts of possible bounce back in redefining ways give some hope.  Tourism is one such sector that seems impossible to go hand in hand with the new normal of social distancing. In this uneasy state of apprehensions and reassurances, here is how the travel trends are going to be like in a post COVID era, according to travel experts.

Road trips in personal vehicles:

Travel Trends in a Post-COVID

Do you often get nostalgic about the old carefree traveling days? You might be reminiscing the days when road trips were just a part of your journey to a destination. But for now, a road trip is the whole plan! Start the engine, get going for the sheer joy of feeling nature, and drive back home! Since personal vehicles give a sense of safety, people might prefer to go on a long drive in their vehicles to the outskirts of their cities or to a village/ forested area or a river to spend some time fishing/ nature walking/ picnicking.

RV travel to gain popularity:

A recreational vehicle is another comfortable option to go outdoors. The unique benefits it offers allow you to travel following all the safety protocols. You could take pleasure in traveling to different places while maintaining social distance, and simultaneously feel the safety of your home. This ”home on wheels” is expected to make a major comeback, and is going to be a popular travel trend post-COVID.

Boost to domestic travel:

With the international travel restrictions in place, many travelers naturally turn to domestic traveling. So, it’s time to skim through the list of must-visit places and start prioritizing the long-procrastinated journeys to the relaxing holiday destinations in India – the isolated beaches, peaceful hill stations, and charming villages. Note that the Central and State governments have mandated the use of masks, gloves, and sanitizers for traveling.

Increased focus on Environmental and Wildlife tourism:

If we start to think of the travel trends when we travel again, the focus is also on the places that we travel to as much as it is about how we travel. It is obvious that travelers ditch crowded places and prefer offbeat tours, at least in the near future. Countryside villages, nature and wildlife reserves, trekking trials in the vast open lands win over popular tourist attractions. Travel experts believe that the more independent ‘backpacking tour’ is going to be the travel trend among the young and solo travelers.

An exclusive private vacation as an alternative:

People who could afford costly vacations might possibly consider purchasing a private island or a villa for a family retreat. Many luxury hotels/ resorts also allow reservations exclusively for families or for celebrations. Although this costs an arm and a leg for budget travelers, it could well become the face of luxury vacay in isolation among the elite groups.


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