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Snow Sculpture of Taj Mahal in Gulmarg is Melting Hearts of Tourists

snow sculpture of Taj Mahal
Source: Rediff

Come winter, Jammu & Kashmir’s Gulmarg witnesses a huge influx of snow lovers longing to experience snowfall. The scenic hill town nestled in the Pir Panjal Range of the Western Himalayas is extremely popular for its snow-covered landscapes and snow sports. This winter 2022, what is driving even more tourists to book flights to Gulmarg is a couple of unique experiences like dining at an igloo cafe and clicking selfies in front of a stunning snow sculpture of Taj Mahal.

Days after the world’s largest igloo cafe named Snowglu opened at the Gulmarg ski resort and became an instant hit among the locals and tourists alike, another new attraction came up at this winter wonderland in the form of the Taj Mahal’s snow sculpture. A snow replica of the iconic Taj Mahal was sculpted at the Grand Mumtaz Hotel to make Gulmarg ‘more appealing.’

An employee of Grand Mumtaz resorts is quoted as saying, ‘The Taj Mahal is a symbol of love. The sculpture of Taj Mahal created from frozen snow at Gulmarg has been erected out of love for our visitors.’

It took 17 days for a team of 4 members (headed by Yusuf Baba) to model the snow Taj amid sub-zero temperatures. The 16-foot-tall snow sculpture of Taj Mahal that covers an area of 576 square feet is now the newest tourist attraction in J&K’s Gulmarg.

‘We wanted to create some resemblance with the name of the hotel keeping in mind to create something that can be talked about for a long time. We wanted to make it memorable for people. Approximately 100 hours of time has gone into this. This place has already become a centre of attraction for tourists,’ said Satyajeet Gopal, General Manager of Grand Mumtaz Hotel.

New tourist attraction at J&K's Gulmarg
Source: Grand Mumtaz Hotels & Resorts

Adding to the beauty of this snow Taj is the lighting set-up, which, in fact, is leaving tourists in awe! Snow doesn’t last for long, just like most beautiful moments in life. So, hurry up! Book your flight tickets with Indian Eagle and see the snow sculpture of Taj Mahal before it melts!


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