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RT-PCR Report With QR Code Is a Must to Travel out of India from May 22


Not just a negative RT-PCR test report, but a negative RT-PCR report with a QR code will be required if you are boarding international flights ex-India from May 22.

The Ministry of Civil Aviation comes with this new rule following the reports of false or forged negative COVID-19 certificates being furnished by passengers to travel abroad. The QR code on the RT-PCR test report, which links to the passenger’s original report, allows for verification of necessary details with minimum physical contact. This way, the authorities aim to put a check on false test reports and ensure passenger safety as well as their ‘smooth movement in the present pandemic situation’.

It must be noted that this rule applies to those travelers who are flying out of India to destinations that mandate a negative COVID test certificate as part of their entry guidelines/ requirements for arriving international passengers.

Air India also took to its social media platforms to state that passengers with no QR code on their test report would not be allowed to board their flights departing from India, effective from May 22.

So, international passengers flying with airlines operating on international sectors from India must make sure that they carry a negative RT-PCR report with a QR code on it to travel out of India.


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