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How Can You Celebrate New Year Party 2020 in Goa on a Budget?


New Year is that part of the year when everyone wants to have a happening party with friends and family. So, the time has come to make your New Year’s plan! Have you thought about any place or still searching for better options within budget? If you are planning to celebrate New Year’s Eve in India, Goa can be a great place. Worried about the overprized places in Goa during the festive season? Well, the state is not all about pricey clubs, resorts, beach shacks and hotels but also has some of the best places for New Year Party on a budget. We have done the efforts for you and found the most amazing places for a New Year party in Goa on a budget in 2020.

Tito’s Club

If you miss the New Year blast at Tito’s Club in Goa, you will be missing something very fantastic. It is one of the most famous clubs organizing amazing parties for Goans and tourists alike. With enthralling music and budget-friendly drinks, Tito Club remains to be one of the favorite places for having New Year Party in Goa on a budget.

Charges: INR 1000 (couple)

Boat Party

Yes, the same like you have seen in movies! You can go for one of the cruise parties organized every year in Goa. This New Year’s Eve 2019, celebrate with your loved ones in the best possible way. You will also get a chance to shake a few hands to befriend.

Charges: INR 2000 (couple)

Café Mambos

In case you are someone who wants to be at a place with less crowd and live music, Café Mambos is the best place for your group. Like every year, they are organizing a brilliant New Year Celebration 2020. You will get affordable booze and food here along with a unique experience of Goa party.

Charges: INR 1500 (Couple)

Note: For stag entries, contact the concerned club before you book your cheap flights to Goa.

Alternative yet lovely ways to celebrate New Year 2020 in Goa on a budget

Goa has got a lot of things for the budget travelers for free! Check out these beautiful experiences you can cherish for life.

Best Friends, Booze and Sinquerim Beach

You can have a peaceful celebration for New Year’s 2020 with your best friends at Senquerim Beach. Just relax by the sandy shores and absorb the natural beauty and calm waves of the blue waters. Sit under the fort with beer bottles in hand waiting for the fireworks to glow the sky at 12:00. The best part is, booze sold in the area is at nominal place despite the peak season. It won’t mess with your budget trip to Goa in December. Drink as much as you want and celebrate!

Recreate those Dil Chahta Hai Moments at Fort Chapora

Fort Chapora became popular after it was chosen as one of the shoot locations for Dil Chahta Hai, an iconic Bollywood movie. If you are Indians living abroad, this is the right time to come back to India and celebrate New Year’s Eve in full-on filmy style. Talk to your friends sitting at the same place as Aamir, Akshay and Saif (we bet you know them if you are Indians and if not, you will. Watch Dil Chahta Hai before 31st December!).  With beer in hand, share your life stories and future plans as this year comes to an end, giving way to 2020.

Barbeque and Bonfire

This has been a party theme for many youngsters and when you get to do this for New Year’s, that too on a budget in Goa, it’s just amazing! Sit with your best friends around a bonfire, eat scrumptious barbeque chicken and snacks and sip beer as you chill together. Dance around the bonfire or have a guitarist in the group? Perfect New Year’s Eve 2019!

Ignite hope with a sky lantern

Spending your time on a beach is absolutely free and when you are out with your beloved, a romantic New Year party in Goa is the best experience to have. Light a sky lantern on a beach together and let it float in the air as high as your hopes, make a wish and cherish the beautiful moment. This can be your unforgettable New Year’s Eve ever.

Budget for New Year Party in Goa

We have categorized different places on different levels of budget for a New Year Party in Goa. Keep reading to find which one suit you best.

Budget more than INR 2000

If you are a person who loves spending lavishly for party and entertainment, places like SinQ, Hilltop, Teso, Club Cabana and Lalit Golf and Spa Resort are your kind of places.

Budget less than INR 2000

When you wish to have fun and within budget, places like LPK Waterfront, Tito’s Club, Club Fresh and Club 9 are the most amazing. You can have a New Year party in Goa on a budget at one of the famous beach shacks organizing New Year’s Eve with delicious food, music and booze. You can choose from the fantastic Curlies Shack, Rudy’s Golden Mermaid Shack, Jolly Boy’s Beach Shack and Bobby’s Shack.

Gamble at INR 2500

If you want to try your fate in gambling, head towards Deltin Royale Casino in Goa. It is the largest casino on a cruise in India that offers delish meals, luxurious stay and complimentary snacks at an affordable package starting from INR 2500.

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