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Fiji Airways Introduces Pre-flight Dining in Lieu of Onboard Full Course Meals


In the last few years, airlines are seen making efforts to improve the range of business class products. It is done, not just by offering onboard dine on demand but there are many reputed airlines providing the option of pre-flight dining.

However, Fiji Airways has taken this concept of pre-flight dining to another level as it has introduced the business class feature of pre-flight dining as a substitute of onboard business class meals.

The idea behind this new concept of ’Dine on the ground’ is to allow the passengers maximum rest during the flight.

As per the claims by Fiji Airways, it has been revealed that around 31% of the business class passengers in flights to Australia skipped the onboard full meals for more sleep which led to wastage of almost 38% of onboard food.

So to improve the inflight experience of the passengers and reduce the food wastage, the Fiji Airways’ management came up with the idea of serving breakfast and dinner to passengers traveling to New Zealand and Australia.

To support this new feature, the CEO of Fiji Airways said, “While the inflight experience has improved dramatically over the years across all airlines, the way in which food is served hasn’t changed too much.”

Undoubtedly, the measure is taken to reduce wastage of food onboard but it is evident that the hidden intention is also to reduce costs.

The airlines also quoted the statement by a health and wellness expert saying inflight meals can cause indigestion and bloating:

“The movement and irregular nature of travel makes it much harder to digest food properly. Try to eat a decent meal a good one to two hours before travelling. Once on the flight, eat very lightly. By dining on the ground before take-off, you’re giving your body enough time to digest the food – meaning you’ll be more comfortable and more likely to sleep.”

So, if you book business class flights with Fiji Airways that have this new concept applied, you will find the onboard meals substituted by some light options like fruits, salad, tapas, paninis and soup.

Initially, the new rule will not affect the flights to and from the United States of America and apply only to flights to New Zealand and Australia.

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