British Airways Concorde Lounge JFK

British Airways First Class lounge JFK New York has set the benchmark for airport lounges across the world. Accessible by First Class passengers of BA and Gold Card members, the British Airways Concorde Lounge at New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport Terminal 7 follows a new design that’s already been rolled out by British Airways in Aberdeen and Rome. Lounges similar to the British Airways Concorde Lounge JFK will soon be opened by the airline in airports at San Francisco, Geneva, and Johannesburg.

The BA First Class Lounge JFK renovation is part of a whopping £52 million British Airways investment in customer experience at its New York hub. Covering an area of over 5,480 sq. ft., the British Airways First Class lounge JFK is now approximately 60 percent larger than its earlier size. Take one look at the spectacular First Class BA Concorde lounge and you’ll never want to book economy class cheap flights with British Airways again!

Features of the British Airways JFK Terminal 7 First Class Lounge:

Offering ‘tailored zones,’ the First Class lounge British Airways JFK is among the poshest ones you can expect to come across. Elegance personified, the BA lounge JFK Terminal 7 has taken elite lounges to a whole new level.

Here’s what you can expect to find at the British Airways First Class lounge JFK.

  • The lounge is meant solely for British Airways’ First Class passengers at JFK. Even those booking business class tickets with British Airways will not be allowed inside. However, Gold Card members and First Class travelers on BA partner airlines can access the lounge.
  • This brand new premium zone offers BA First Class passengers an amplified check-in experience. They will also now have explicit access to fast-track airport security.
  • The Concorde Room JFK opening hours are from 3:00 pm until 10:00 pm all seven days of the week.
  • At the center of British Airways First Class lounge JFK is a wine room that boasts of an enomatic wine dispenser. The dispenser serves customers wine at the right temperature it is to be had after having oxidized it to the perfect level. Needless to mention, there is plenty of wine varieties to be tried.
  • For First Class passengers of British Airways JFK that don’t fancy wine, there is an Opulent bar that stocks a wide range of the best drinks. You have the option to either sit right at the bar to enjoy your drink or retire to seats at the side of the bar until boarding time.
  • The new ‘boutique dining’ at the British Airways First Class lounge JFK features a menu by renowned chefs Waylon Walker and Gavin Mackenzie. It will include seasonal specials in addition to a new ‘bowl food’ option that offers customers a lighter pre-flight meal option.
  • There’s also a reserved work area at British Airways First Class lounge JFK where corporate travelers can plug in their laptops and catch up on some work.
  • The main concourse has also been upgraded by British Airlines. The gate areas now have extra seating and there’s also additional power access for customers to recharge their electronic devices.
  • Washrooms have been redone and there’s also a new service desk at the departures area to help British Airways First Class passengers with their queries.
  • Other amenities include non-smoking zones, Wi-Fi, spa and shower facilities, private rooms, printers/copiers, flight monitors, reading material, conference rooms, TV sets, and more.

Offering so many amenities and beautifully done up, the revamped British Airways First Class lounge JFK is undoubtedly a success. Reportedly, a bit more investment will be made into the British Airways Concorde Lounge JFK in the future. So First Class passengers of British Airways can expect further improvements. We hope more airlines take a cue from this and revamp their luxury and other lounges as well.

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