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The Most Secluded Beaches in India For The Safest Social Distancing Vacation


With all the summer months whiled away in isolation due to an unprecedented crisis that the world has witnessed, people are now carefully defining the ‘new normal’ in every activity of their post-lockdown lives. The only mantra in one’s mind to safeguard oneself and others in our attempts to adapt to this new lifestyle is ‘Social distancing’ and traveling is no exception to break this rule.

Interaction with nature is essential for us humans to preserve sanity, and travel enthusiasts are already restless to set out on a holiday in the safest way possible. So, here we are with suggestions on the best social distancing vacation at beaches in India, where all hygiene protocols are sternly implemented. Book cheap flights to India and enjoy a safe holiday!

1.Rutland Island, Andaman Islands:

The untouched beaches on the remote Andaman Islands make for the best social distancing vacation in India. Rutland Island deserves a special mention for the fact that it is an unexplored wonder with hardly any population and rush! As per the 2011 census, this Island with six villages is occupied by as low as 120 households and 350 inhabitants. The popular attractions like Jahaji Beach, Chidiya Tapu, and Cinque Islands feature rich marine life, abundant coral reefs, and also offer stunning views of the open sea and serene beach experience. Gear up for the best beach holiday in India!

2.Henry’s Island, West Bengal:

About 10-15 minutes away from the coastal village of Bakkali lies this less-popular and underrated place embodying peace! The sight of the virgin beach with white sand and clear blue waters contrasting with the dense green mangrove forests in the backdrop instantly spellbinds you and then the tranquility of this secluded beach in India overwhelms you! Red crabs can be spotted in large numbers on this island, which is home to many varieties of plant and animal species. Also, don’t miss the magical sunset at this beach!

3.Ottinene Beach, Karnataka:

Sunset at a beach is the ultimate beauty and tranquility for nature lovers! Do you know that a beach in the Indian state of Karnataka called Ottinene is famous for its spectacular sunset views? Situated between Byndoor and Bhatkal at a place where River Sumana joins the Arabian Sea, the natural beauty of this beach is remarkable with rocky hills, swaying coconut trees, gentle waves, and shallow beach area. Get to the viewpoint at Kshitija Nesara Dhama on top of a hill to enjoy the cool sea breeze and the panoramic views of this beach!

4.Maravanthe Beach, Karnataka:

Imagine a national highway running almost along the shoreline of a whitesand beach on one side and a river (backed by hills) on the opposite side – this is exactly the unconventional beauty of the area where this beach is situated i.e. in the Udupi district of Karnataka at a distance of 12 kms from Kundapur City. Although known as one of the beautiful beaches in India, Maravanthe Beach is less-crowded, quiet, and thus it is perfect for a social distancing vacation. You can also visit the nearby Maraswamy Temple and a few untouched islands near this quaint village.

5.Kizhunna-Ezhara Beach, Kerala:

Kizhunna and Ezhara are twin beaches in Kerala featuring natural coves, shallow waters, crimson sands, rocky shore, and an endless stretch of palm trees.These virgin beaches located along the Kannur coast have remained unnoticed until recent years. A leisurely walk here at this hidden beach in the companionship of nature and deadly silence except for the soothing sounds of waves and breeze is worth-experiencing after all these days of confining ourselves indoors.

Book your tickets with Indian Eagle recommence your travel following all the precautionary measures and have a safe and rejuvenating holiday!


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