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Air India Becomes India’s Top On-time Airline


Air India

The past few months have been good for Air India in terms of its on-time performance (OTP). Air India has surpassed IndiGo; the latter has consistently been an excellent performer when it comes to OTP. 

Ever since the Tata Group acquired Air India, the new management has focused quite a great deal on punctuality and implemented strict measures to improve the airline’s arrival and departure times. They implemented strategies such as closing aircraft doors 15 minutes before departures and improving predictive maintenance. Air India has also invested in IT systems to improve the capability of aircraft maintenance and to ensure that all systems function correctly. These measures have seemingly worked well and Air India was able to outperform IndiGo in terms of OTP.

As a result, in September, Air India had 87.1% of its flights arrive on time, while IndiGo was at 84.1%. It would be interesting to observe how these two top airlines in India fare in terms of OTP and other performance metrics in the coming months.


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