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Participate in Travel Beats Diwali Photo Contest 2017

Indian Eagle, a leading travel booking partner of Indians in USA, is back with a Diwali-special contest after the success of Short Story Writing Contest for Young Indian Americans in 2016.

The Diwali Contest 2017 at Indian Eagle is a photo-centric contest for Indians in the US to share their candid moments of Diwali celebration and win Indian Eagle's exclusive discounts for cheap travel to India. Three best moments (photos) will be selected on the basis of certain parameters and be published (with proper credit to and a brief introduction of the winners) in the Photo Story section of Travel Beats, a popular Indian American community magazine.

How to Participate in Travel Beats Diwali Photo Contest 2017 at Indian Eagle:

Do choose the best photo of your Diwali celebration this year or from previous years based on any of the themes given below. Maximum two photos will be accepted from each participant.

  • Your first Diwali celebration in USA
  • Your first Diwali celebration post marriage
  • Your first Diwali celebration with your baby
  • Your first Diwali celebration in your new home

Do post the photo (s) on your Facebook timeline and tweet the same on your Twitter home timeline. If you choose two photos, make sure to upload the photos in a single post on Facebook and in a single tweet on Twitter. If you post two photos on Facebook and tweet them separately, only the first photo will be considered as your valid entry to the contest.

Do like our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter as tokens of your valid participation in the Diwali Photo Contest 2017 at Indian Eagle. Do make sure to use the hash tag #DiwaliwithIndianEagle in your Facebook post and tag our twitter handle @indianeaglellc in your tweet. Participants' Facebook post without the hash tag or tweet without @indianeaglellc will not be considered a valid entry.

Do submit the photo, which you choose for the contest, along with your details such as name, age, email ID, contact number and location by clicking on SUBMIT YOUR PHOTO. Do write the same photo caption (maximum 140 characters including space) as in your Facebook post and tweet, in the space below the photo attachment box.

Do go through the contest rules, terms and conditions below before participating in the Diwali Photo Contest 2017 at Indian Eagle.


Contest Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions form the rules of the contest. You must comply with the contest rules in order to participate in the contest. Please read the terms and conditions and make sure that you understand and agree before you participate in the contest. You agree that your submission implies your participation in the contest, and that your participation constitutes your agreement to the contest rules.

Each participant is eligible for only one entry to the contest (one-time filling up of the form). Participants seeking to make multiple entries by using different email addresses, identities, locations, or any other means will be disqualified. Incomplete, irrelevant, invalid, misdirected or late submissions will result in disqualification, which Indian Eagle is not liable for.

Participants must be 18 years or above and US citizens or legal US residents or living in USA to enter the Diwali Photo Contest 2017 at Indian Eagle. Those selected for Indian Eagle's Exclusive Travel Discounts' may be required to show a valid proof of their age and residence.

Participants must submit their own valid contact number, email ID and residential address in the US to enter the contest. Those who will be selected as winners will be able to claim the prize only upon successful verification of the details submitted to us.

Indian Eagle is responsible for the verification process. If potential winners' details submitted through the form online are not verified successfully or to our satisfaction, he / she / they will be disqualified from receiving the prize. The disqualified winner or winners will be replaced by the immediate next to him / her / them.

Indian Eagle is the sole decision-making body with regard to the execution of the contest and the selection of three entries. Indian Eagle's decision as to the selection of three photos from valid entries will be final.

Diwali celebration photos may be edited in color and size, but must not be photoshopped. Photoshopped pictures will not be considered a valid entry to the contest. Participants themselves must be in the photos which they choose for the contest.

Photos with derogatory, offensive, threatening, defamatory, libelous, disparaging, indecent, sexual, profane, discriminatory, racist, slanderous, harmful or hateful content will not be accepted. Entries that criticize any group or community or person will be disqualified for the contest.

Photos containing any unlawful material or element in contrary to or in violation of all federal, state and local laws in the United States will not be accepted. Photos must not infringe intellectual property and copyrights of a third party, commercial or non-commercial. Photos which are sponsored or owned by, or which endorse a third party of commercial interests may be subject to disqualification.

Winners will be announced on the Facebook Page and Twitter Page of Indian Eagle and be notified by an email. If any of three shortlisted participants is not reachable within a stipulated time period (if applicable) from the date of announcement, the prize may be forfeited.

Participants must write to us before or by November 6, 2017 in case their address or contact number is changed before or by the date of announcement. Any update regarding the change of address or contact number will not be accepted post the announcement on November 7, 2017.

Indian Eagle reserves the right to disqualify a participant (s) in the event of a dispute with regard to the authenticity of their personal details, the originality of their photos, the verification of their age, the validity of their email addresses and likes, at its sole discretion.

Participants' compliance with the rules of the Diwali Photo Contest 2017 also affirms their consent to the use of their names, photos and other details by IndianEagle for promotional purposes online or offline and in any media during and after the contest, without any reimbursement. All questions or issues regarding the contest and its rules shall be governed by, and interpreted according to the laws of the State of Texas.

Compliance with the contest rules constitutes participants' consent to resolve disputes individually, if any, in connection with the contest, the sponsor, the eligibility criteria, the pre or post-contest verification, the selection of winners, disqualification of participants or potential winners on valid grounds, prizes, promotions, technical failure or communication delay, without resorting to any legal intervention by a state or federal court in the United States.

Indian Eagle reserves the right to modify, suspend or cancel the Indian Eagle Diwali Photo Contest 2017 in its entirety or partly anytime and without any prior notice to the participants. If any act of fraudulence, technical failure and other factors, which are out of Indian Eagle's control, disrupts the execution or harms the integrity of the contest, Indian Eagle shall not be held liable for any reimbursement or settlement of any loss or damage caused to the participants.

On successful submission of your details and photo (s) through the form, a message containing a unique submission ID will be displayed at the top of the submission page. Please note down the submission ID and refer it for all subsequent communications with us. In case you don't see any message with submission ID due to a technical failure or some other reason, please write to us at

Do send in your queries regarding the Indian Eagle Diwali Photo Contest 2017 to All communication with the participants will be done via email

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